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What do our students REALLY learn from TPP?

This past week our instructors were at Cardinal High School in Middlefield delivering the final lesson of our TPP program. We became curious about what exactly these kids retain during their years in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. We compiled a survey asking the kids that exact question…” what do you remember most from TPP over the last 6 years”? We were able to send this survey to them electronically through our new texting program called Simple Texting. The possible choices included various games we played, stories they heard, and the ‘face’ of TPP; BOB (Body on Board) shown below. BOB represents all the parts that makes us who we are, and most importantly how every decision we make can affect each part of us (or BOB in this case). Thanks to our survey, we learned that this fun but simple decision making tool stuck! BOB won with an overwhelming 32% of the votes. This is great news for all of us because it means that what we are doing is working! These young adults are retaining many of the skills and perspectives they get from TPP for several years, and remember the most important part of the program, BOB!!! Explore our website to learn more about Bob and other activities we do in the classroom!


New study says teens’ decisions to have sex are influenced by parents… Say Whhaaat???

There are a lot of factors that go into a teen deciding to becoming sexually active or not.
Everything from peer pressure to social media, to their religious backgrounds, but what may surprise a lot of parents is that they may have the strongest influence of all. Many parents may believe that their kids are “tuning” them out when they sit down to have the birds and the bees convo, but according to The National Campaign to Prevent Pregnancy (NCPTP) that is just not the case. In their recent study, nearly 40% of teens pointed towards their parents as the number one influence on their sexual behavior. Parents rank in the top 2 for more teens than that, and the younger the child, the stronger parental influence! So the short answer is, THEY ARE LISTENING.

The question of “WHEN” to have these discussions always arises, and the short answer is- it’s never a one-time talk. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where your kids feel comfortable coming to you to ask questions on any relationship, developmental, or personal topic from the moment they are old enough to understand.

Both parents need to be open and honest, and do their best to keep these lines of communication open, even though the most fearless parents often become tongue-tied with these challenging topics. One of the most important things TPP instructors have heard from kids is that if children feel as though they will be punished for their curiosity, or honest questions about sex and relationships, parents can kiss the opportunity to talk goodbye. Kids need to feel safe in talking to their parents about anything.

Learn more about societal influences in the Digital World section of our website and check out how TPP Programs navigate sensitive topics and questions.

Are your children learning about puberty from Netflix’s hormone monster?

Netflix just dropped a new animated series called Big Mouth, which follows a young boy and his classmates embarking on the oh so embarrassing and awkward tradition of puberty. Some parents think that Netflix may have gone a bit too far on this one. They consider this is adult humor, and an adult series, but coincidentally many kids, as young as 6th grade are watching. Do you want your kids learning about their sexual development through foul-mouth cartoons, or would it be better coming from a trusted adult? The choice is yours, but this is definitely something to watch and decide for yourself what is best for your child. Learn more about how we address puberty in our TPP 5th and 6th grade programs, and take a minute to view the Big Mouth trailer.

Watch the Big Mouth video here.

Boys don’t understand relationships! Not according to our latest program at Kenston High School.

Geauga TPP ran one of our most popular programs last week at Kenston High School;
Relationships-Risk and Reward. The three day program gives students a fun and interactive peek at the world of gender communication differences and the keys to lasting future relationships and marriage. We received positive feedback from 90% of the boys in the program.

Here are just a few of their comments:

  • “I found that knowing what the other sex thinks, and how they think , will help me to get along with my sisters”
  • “I feel that the presentation helped me to not only know how, but to want to keep a healthy relationship with others”
  • “The ranking activity let you set a list for what you want and don’t want. It helped you choose the person you want to be around for the rest of your life”
  • “Personally, I knew next to nothing about being in a relationship, but I felt that you really simplified the presentation, and that helped me a lot with being able to understand the ins and outs of being in a relationship”

Learn more about the Relationships-Risk and Reward Program here.