Boys don’t understand relationships! Not according to our latest program at Kenston High School.

Geauga TPP ran one of our most popular programs last week at Kenston High School;
Relationships-Risk and Reward. The three day program gives students a fun and interactive peek at the world of gender communication differences and the keys to lasting future relationships and marriage. We received positive feedback from 90% of the boys in the program.

Here are just a few of their comments:

  • “I found that knowing what the other sex thinks, and how they think , will help me to get along with my sisters”
  • “I feel that the presentation helped me to not only know how, but to want to keep a healthy relationship with others”
  • “The ranking activity let you set a list for what you want and don’t want. It helped you choose the person you want to be around for the rest of your life”
  • “Personally, I knew next to nothing about being in a relationship, but I felt that you really simplified the presentation, and that helped me a lot with being able to understand the ins and outs of being in a relationship”

Learn more about the Relationships-Risk and Reward Program here.

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