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Youth Leaders Steal the Show

On September 12 Dr. Scott Hunt, Cardinal Superintendent and Karen Lackey, LISW, Geauga ESC led a team representing Geauga County to the Ohio School Board School Safety Summit. With more than 700 conference attendees, our session “A Framework for Assessing, Preventing and Intervening” was a popular destination with over 250 school representatives from around the state in attendance.

Our presentation featured the work of Geauga ESC’s School-Community Agency Forum and Work Group. The Forum, now in its third school year, has brought together over 100 school, agency, youth and community members who touch the lives of children.  The Forum is focused on commonly identified needs in our schools: Mental health, social media concerns, and support during building transitions. Our goal is to build a framework to support our students, and address our needs through prevention, early intervention and treatment options, supported through partnership with our local agencies.

As much as our committed adult partners have contributed to our mission, our youth leaders stole the show at conference, and have been a strong and clear voice for youth during this process. Their contributions have been unbounded in developing our framework, gathering and communicating student perspectives from all districts, and actively working on youth-led projects that support of our goals. YLP leaders are empowered to act by using a strategic planning process, and it shows in their accomplishments.

Pictured are Kaylee Klepper and Abby Geesling, both Cardinal students and members of YAC (Youth Advisory Council) of Geauga Youth Led Prevention. These ladies also produced a short video with the help of other YAC members featuring students talking about the importance of adult relationships in school that was appreciated by all.  Check out the video below!