BOB helps kids make their best sexual decisions. Check out who ‘he’ is!

BOB (Body-On- Board) is a fun and attention getting representation of the ‘components’ or sides of self that exist inside each of us. They include our emotional side (our feelings/self-esteem), physical (our health and body), intellectual (our ability to think and make decisions), ethical (our values, morals and view of right and wrong) and social (how we relate to others and our reputation).

The 7th grade TPP Program is students first introduction to BOB. ‘He’ teaches students to consider all of their ‘parts’ when making decisions regarding relationship and personal choices. How BOB is impacted by sexual decisions is brought out in many unique and engaging activities that students often remember throughout their high school experience.

The goal of the TPP Program is for students to recognize the benefits of abstinence and the risks of early sexual activity on many different aspects of our lives. You only get one BOB and you cannot trade him in! Knowing BOB is important in making informed decisions about sexual activity, and any major decision growing up. 7th graders learn that abstinence is the ONLY way to keep all parts of BOB 100% SAFE.

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