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Auburn Youth Leaders Promote Bi-lingUal Policy

Geauga Youth Led Prevention expanded their reach in 2019 to serve Auburn Career Center, a joint vocational school that serves 11 school districts in Lake and Geauga Counties.

Even with a widely diverse student body, strict vocational program requirements (limiting the amount of time in YLP group), and an early close to the school year due to COVID-19, YLP students and adult allies had a very successful year.

Two YLP groups (first year and second year) combined forces on identifying problems of focus, reaching common ground on two very divergent topics, and collaborated to reach their first objective: Make ACC more bilingual, and sensitive to Spanish speaking students and families.

Auburn administrators looked at the data they had gathered, sat in on several meetings, and listened carefully to students’ proposals. The result is seen below in the first Spanish –English posters to be used in ACC’s hallways. ACC also took heed and hired a translating service to begin the process of translating all online forms into Spanish, with priority on those that go home to parents. 

We can’t wait to see these students working on their next task!      

“Connect CLE” Offers Youth Led Program Virtual Learning Series

Whether you were signed up for the cancelled Regional Youth Summit, are part of the Ohio Youth Led Prevention Network, Northeast Ohio RLC, or are a champion for youth voice, you will be interested in the following Youth Led Program Virtual Learning Series, sponsored by Connect CLE, the Northeast Ohio YLP Learning Collaborative.

The goal of Connect CLE is the expansion of quality, evidence-based Youth Led Prevention Programs in Northeast Ohio, and to empower our youth to become a powerful voice for change in their schools and communities.

View Session ONE HERE

View Session TWO HERE

View Session THREE HERE

Youth Summit Featured in ‘Ohio Adult Allies’ Newsletter

Update: Due to the Government Closure of all educational facilities, Youth Summit has been cancelled.

Youth Summit returns March 13th, 2020. Connect CLE will host the event at Auburn Career Center with Keynote leader Adam C. Fletcher! Check out the Newsletter below!

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