Copeline Rebranding

Beginning in 2018, YAC began a dialogue with members in the community who shared a similar interest in helping youth erase the stigma surrounding mental health. YAC reached out to local judges, organizations and other key members in the community to not only make their voices heard, but to share a seat at the same table with these adults. This led to YAC building a relationship with the Geauga Copeline, who wanted YAC to help brand their services to the youth. YAC was tasked with rebranding the Geauga Copeline and their services!

Poster Rebranding

The first part of YAC’s project was to collaborate and create new posters for Copeline. Pictured below is the original Copeline poster and the revised posters YAC created for Youth as well as Adults.

YAC also designed these bathroom posters to help promote the Copeline as well as the 2020 “E-Race the Stigma” Mental Health Awareness Walk/Run. These posters are unique because at the bottom of the posters, there are tabs that can be torn off for students with the Copeline number listed.

“It’s Okay Not to be Okay” Campaign

Geauga Youth Led Programs and YAC created the “It’s Okay Not to be Okay” campaign as part of the second phase of the Copeline Crisis Line rollout project.

We are youth leaders who have lost too many classmates to suicide; who know first-hand the stress and need to feel perfect our peers and we feel everyday; and who see how disconnected we are from positive adults.

We pledge to increase the number of our peers who reach out for help and to change the stigma of mental health in our schools.

Help us by spreading the word with this bracelet, or if you or your organization would like to purchase bulk bracelets with your local helpline number, contact:

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