Geauga County School-Community Forum

The Geauga School Community Forum started in Spring of 2016 based on conversations between the school districts and community agencies about what services can and are being provided to students in Geauga County schools. This community partnership was created in order to implement prevention education practices, programs and/or strategies to schools in the Geauga County district. The Forum has grown from an initial 33 members in that conversation to 72 cross- disciplinary members that have participated in a full School Community Forum, the Community Forum Work Group and/or one of two Forum Work Group sub committees over the last two years.

Active partners include representatives from each of our 6 school districts, University Hospital-Geauga, Geauga Preschool, school social workers, Geauga Stars Program, alternative school directors, behavioral/community mental health agencies, Geauga County ADAMHS board t, Geauga County Juvenile Court, CASA, Geauga Family First Council, Geauga County Job and Family Services, Geauga Public Library, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Geauga Youth Led Prevention, Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio, Woman Safe Domestic Violence Women’s Shelter, Geauga Growth Partnership (chamber of commerce), Geauga MRDD, Starting Point Preschool Collaborative, individual private providers, Chardon Municipal Court Judge, Geauga County Sheriff, Chardon Police, LifeAct (non-profit suicide prevention agency), Auburn Career Center and Geauga Job Training.

Purpose of School-Community Forum:

  • Create an understanding and awareness of both school and community agency services that support the non-academic needs of students.
  • Obtain agency and community support in developing a K-12 spectrum of services that address student need and reduce duplication of current services.
  • Provide a platform to gain community input and reach consensus on common needs of students, as well as to identify barriers that impede effectively addressing needs.

Forum Workgroup and Sub committees Plan:

  • Set a common vision to meet identified problem areas and reduce noted challenges and barriers.
  • Build a K-12 framework, county-wide, to assess student needs and provide interventions across the spectrum of services.
  • Determine how best to plug in current agency services and partner to create innovative interventions (after school, community, youth led etc.)
  • Develop a specific plan and the tools necessary to move from framework concept to implementation.

Events and Other Activities

Taacoo tuesday!

Talking Actively About Coping and Overcoming Obstacles

“TAACOO TUESDAY” was implemented in the Fall of 2019. The purpose of TAACOO Tuesday is to give students an outlet and additional resource to discuss the challenges they go through and skills that can help them overcome said challenges.

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Chair Yoga