Peer Mentoring

The Geauga Youth Advisory Council (YAC) leaders came together to start a peer mentoring program in 2015-2016, when they realized that middle school students in their district lacked positive older role models. The mentoring program started with a few students in Cardinal Schools, and over the past several years it has transformed into a Youth Led mentoring program in 3 school districts.

High School mentors participate in an interactive, hands-on Mentoring Training, where they learn what being a peer mentor is all about. Mentors learn about relationship styles and the type of leader they are and train on how to develop a peer mentoring relationship with their mentees, communication and active listening skills, how to handle sensitive topics, and activities they can use as mentors!

Cardinal Mentoring

Cardinal Mentoring School started their mentoring program in 2015-2016 as the pilot of Geauga YLP Mentoring. Cardinal High School students head over to Cardinal Middle School each week for mentoring as they build positive relationships with their mentees. Areas that the high school students have identified as topics to discuss with their mentees include bullying, showing each other respect, preparing for the next year/high school, communication and self esteem. 

Berkshire Leadership Team Mentoring

After the success of the Cardinal Mentoring program, in 2015, YAC students from Berkshire decided that they wanted to implement a mentoring program in their school. Students visit Burton Elementary and mentor 5th and 6th grade students. Topics that mentors focus on with their mentees range from positive and negative social media use, treating others with respect and kindness, dealing with pressure from peers, preparing for the Jr/Sr High school, and much more.  

Newbury HPAC Leadership Group Mentoring Training

Newbury students’ youth voice produced a peer to peer mentoring program in 2017-2018 that matched high school juniors and seniors with select 8th graders. Throughout the school year, mentors and mentees covered the topics: promoting generosity and responsibility, bullying/conflict resolution, social media and how to treat others, healthy habits, and preparing for high school. 

Geauga YLP held the training below to prepare students to run a quality mentoring program.