5th Grade: The Early Years

5th Grade Maturation/Reproduction Unit

Program Overview:

“The Early Years” provides a holistic approach to the state mandated Maturation / Reproduction unit for elementary schools. Two forty-five minute sessions are presented, one before and one after the 45-minute maturation unit. These sessions make the TPP approach to maturation unique in the State of Ohio.

The program is designed to ease the anxiety and embarrassment that often surround this topic for children. It gives students a framework in which to put maturation / reproduction knowledge that is respectful, informative and non-threatening.

TPP provides sexuality education based on the holistic view of self, specifically, that all human beings have emotional, physical, intellectual, social and ethical “components”. Puberty and adolescent development, often seen by students as primarily physical in nature, is presented in the context of social and emotional considerations as well, giving students a healthy and complete perspective on puberty, adolescence and sexuality.


The holistic view of self in TPP’s 4th/5th and 6th grade programs is represented in the You Triangle, a series of arrows pointing at one another. Each side is labeled emotional, physical, and social. Each 45 minute session is committed to one side of the triangle, with the ultimate goal being an understanding of how all have equal importance, develop together and affect can one another.