6th Grade: Changes As We Grow

An introduction to personal development for 6th grade.

TPP presents this social skill based personal development program as part of a six -year holistic sexuality education initiative. The curriculum focuses on healthy emotional and social growth, developing positive relationships and friendship, understanding adolescent changes, and basic decision making and communication skills.

Students will practice acceptable ways to express strong feelings and get their needs met in positive ways. They learn to use a simple chart to assess and determine consequences of behavior. They also practice using a communication framework that they will build upon in future TPP programs to communicate in difficult situations.

Program units break down as follows:

  • Preparing for Change: How emotional, social and physical changes can affect how we interact with others (the “You” Triangle). ‘The Bridge’ that we all cross from childhood to adulthood, and how each child’s journey is different and okay.
  • Introduction to feelings: Identifying and naming complex feelings. How feelings, behavior and consequences are related.
  • Basic emotional needs: What do we really need and why? Where does frustration come from? Healthy vs. unhealthy ways teens choose to get their needs met, and how this can affect our You Triangle.
  • Social and Relationship Changes: Introduction to assertive communication through ‘I Statements’, strategies for resolving conflict, and understanding personal boundaries.
  • Relationship skills: Applying all of the above concepts to friendship and important relationships. Topics include mutual respect, qualities of healthy relationships and having a ‘plan’ for peer pressure.


Childhood | Adolescence | Adulthood