8th Grade: Ready for the Pressure

A skill based abstinence education program for 8th grade.

Welcome to the “Ready for the Pressure” program. In this, the 6th year of an integrated sexuality program, students partake on a unique journey that will help prepare them for the sexual and social pressures of high school.

‘Ready’ is a skill-based abstinence education program that goes beyond the “just say no” approach by getting to the heart of students’ questions through interactive and enlightening activities. Our goal is to reduce the primary reason students’ state for engaging in their first sexual relationship; “it just happened”.

The focus of each activity addresses important knowledge, skills and attitudes or perceptions that middle school students can benefit from regarding sexuality, relationships and the decision to be abstinent.

Students are provided with actual tools and permanent reminders of the week’s activities that can be used throughout middle and high school. Such tools include the “Gain-Lose” decision-making chart, Puzzle Man (BOB) self-awareness visual, and the My Rules business card to name a few.

Students will:

  • Develop decision-making skills and identify their own decision-making style
  • Learn to assess risk and identify direct and indirect pressure
  • Get a clear picture of the emotional, social and physical benefits of abstinence
  • Discover how their values play a role in decision-making
  • Learn factual vs. “mythical” sexuality information and its sources
  • Set and practice communicating personal rules and standards

The ultimate goal of the program is for each student to use what they have learned to create a written abstinence plan. The plan goes beyond abstinence pledges by including the “why, how and who to talk to “about relationships and sexual decisions.

The program is designed to be high energy, fun and student-driven for the most impact. The program includes a short student workbook, parent take-home activity, and talks by local teen parents who tell their stories

A Choice + A Plan = The Best Decision