10th Grade: Relationships-Risk and Reward

A Relationship Skills Curriculum for young adults

Relationships-Risk and Reward (RRR) is a fun and interactive way to learn about gender communication differences and healthy relationships. The curriculum promotes critical thinking skills in dating relationships, and presents the concept that healthy relationships are based on many important factors that are often seen differently by males and females. An understanding of the importance of honest and direct communication in relationships is the primary goal. Youth discover that the concepts and strategies learned can apply to any long term and important relationship in their lives.

RRR uses the Holistic Model of human development, as do all GPS programs (promoting intellectual, social, emotional, ethical, and physical development) to conceptualize that our relationships with others are complex. RRR tries to simplify and enhance relationships by promoting an understanding of the difference between electronic and interpersonal communication; being aware of our own verbal and non-verbal communication patterns; and having an intimate knowledge of ourselves, our values and our relationship goals.

Students use class concepts to analyze dating and marriage relationships, and other committed relationships we hope to keep for a lifetime. Young people quickly become aware of how the ‘relationship habits’, interpersonal skills and behavior practiced today can affect their most important relationships in the future.

The program is typically done in three 45 minute sessions, or can be done in small group. The framework is as follows:

Section One:

  • The Whole Person: Our intellectual, social, physical, ethical and emotional selves
  • Gender Communication: How we talk and “hear” differently as males and females
  • Understanding physical and emotional boundaries
  • Communication Levels—how deep is your relationship, really?

Section Two:

  • Verbal “tactics” vs. honest communication
  • Non-verbal danger zones: Signs, Signals and Assumptions
  • Dating relationships and communication – What’s this got to do with my future?


Section Three:

  • Universal Values, dating and marriage
  • Relationship analysis-reality and technology
  • Future Relationship Goals: Practice today for success tomorrow