STD/STI Awareness


This 1-3 class period program was designed in response to the sharp increase in sexually transmitted disease/infection among teens over the last several years.

The goal is to take a realistic look at why teens are at risk, assess the ‘odds’ or the risk becoming infected, and take a look at an in-depth and holistic approach to changing those odds.

The program approaches reducing the odds in three ways:

Physically:-how we can protect our bodies/health.
Socially: through honest communication and assessing relationships.
Intellectually: knowing the real facts, risks and potential life- long impact.
Student Objectives:

  1. Increase factual knowledge about STD’STI rates, types, symptoms, transmission and long term holistic impacts.
  2. Motivate students to assess their relationships and utilize key communication skills that will reduce their odds of exposure to STDs/STIs.
  3. Improve understanding about how specific contraceptive methods protect against STI transmission and/or pregnancy.
  4. Role play assertive communication skills in uncomfortable relationship conversations.
  5. Provide tools and information that if utilized will reduce students’ STI risk, and change their perspective regarding the depth and complexity of sexual decisions.

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