9th Grade: Tell it Like it is

Assertiveness Training for 9th grade

Over five class periods students identify risk, and analyze sexual pressure in our society through the study of modern music, social media, and common myths. Students discover how both external and internal pressure impact perceptions and their ability to communicate openly in relationships.

Our primary goal is to increase interpersonal communication skills in a high tech world, and develop the primary building block of all healthy dating relationships; open communication.

Program Summary

  • Introducing Assertive Communication: Everyday situations are used to identify passive, aggressive and assertive communication and the risks and benefits of each. Students are introduced to and practice using a basic communication tool called an “I Statement”.
  • Why Communication is Difficult: Next, students are introduced to both internal and external pressure and the role that media, peers and common myths plays in both.
  • The Basics of Relationships: Activities focus on the importance of communication in regard to “what to talk about” before a relationship gets physical such as partner qualities; understanding value differences; and setting personal limits and standards.
  • Communication and Relationships: This session focuses on “how to talk”, and uses assertive communication skills in a variety of demonstrations and activities. Students assess their current relationships and determine whether their communication style is passive, assertive or aggressive.

The program’s final two days are spent in assertiveness training and preparation for role play situations.
Students are also given homework assignments aimed at communicating with parents, and applying class concepts to a real situation with a peer, parent or other adult.

Assertiveness: Expressing what you Think AND Feel in a positive way. Both people are respected.

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