7th Grade: The Best is Worth Waiting For

TPP’s 7th grade abstinence education program.


The 7th grade program from Geauga Teen Pregnancy Prevention is the third component in an integrated sexuality education program in grade 5-10. ‘The Best’ is a 3-day introduction to abstinence education that defines abstinence as planning and deciding to wait. The program focuses on decision making in the context of a complete view of self, having emotional, social, ethical, intellectual and physical components that can all be impacted by our decisions.

Topics covered include:

  • Peer Pressure; what kids are saying and what’s really true
  • Media influence and the role of social media on our perception of relationships
  • Physical and emotional consequences, including content on sexually transmitted infection
  • Skill building: basics of assertiveness, risk assessment and developing positive habits

The 7th grade program, like all TPP programs, is filled with fun and interactive activities that reinforce teaching points, and create a deeper understanding of the material. Activities like the Envelope Game, The Angie Story, and tools like BOB (Body on Board) are usually recalled by students years after they have completed the program.

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BOB (Body on Board) – Positive Youth Development Tool