Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Comments


I would like to thank you for coming into my health class and talking about TPP. I really enjoyed your presentation, I liked how you gave us the workbook to keep and how you gave us the opportunity to discuss with our parents on the “Sexual Opinion Homework” if we have not done so already. I liked that you gave us a situation to play a role in, and I’m glad you told me about the “I Feel” statement, it comes in handy when I’m fighting with my little brother.

Thank you again for using your time to teach my health class and other health classes very important information. I’ve learned so much and I can’t thank you enough.

SOPHOMORE, Tell it Like it is Program (TPP)

Dear Mrs. W.,

I wanted to say thank you for coming in to our class and teaching us. I liked how your presentation never felt rushed and our class had plenty of time to ask questions. I also enjoyed all of the interactive activities. That made it easier to learn.

I learned that it is very important to know the difference between a good relationship and an unhealthy relationship especially at the age of us high schoolers. You taught us about what we should look for in a partner, and what characteristics I would want him to have. It was also interesting when you asked all of us have what we thought was ‘needed’ in a relationship written on the board.

Everything you taught my class I think will be helpful, and will be used some time or another in my life. Finally, thank you for giving your time and coming and teaching me and my class about relationships.

JUNIOR, Relationships-Risk and Reward Program (TPP)

I enjoyed this presentation a lot. This presentation really opened the eyes of my classmates and I. I think the skits were good to help people think of what they would do in that situation if it ever occurred so they were better prepared, as well as the boundary chart and the scale of ideas, feelings and transparency in relationships. I really enjoyed understanding that more.

Also, lot of the statistics blew my mind. For example that 1/2 people by age of 25 will have an std/sti.I think this was the most important presentation anyone could have and all schools should it.

JUNIOR, Tell it Like it is Program (TPP)