Youth Leadership Reflections

A message from the first YAC President, 2016

Being a part of the Geauga Youth Advisory Council has allowed me to work with my peers to plan fun and educational activities for students and community members in Geauga county. My favorite project that we did was Camp Burton. At camp, we worked together to plan every activity as well as being a youth leader in the cabin and interacting with the campers. YAC was a chance for us as youth to discuss the problems that we saw in our schools and community and then the best way to address these issues. It was an awesome experience that I am very glad I was able to be a part of. YAC has impacted my life because it allowed me to voice my opinion, work with others, and execute our plans. This group is different than all the other youth leadership organizations I have been involved in because it is focused on the youth and we run everything. Holly, along with other adult Youth Led Prevention leaders, were always supportive, helpful, and encouraging to us. They also pushed us to make our own decisions and find common ground when we all had different opinions.