GPS Empowered is the umbrella under which three prevention services offered by Geauga ESC exists. It is also the overarching mission of these programs; to help in Guiding Personal Stories (GPS) of youth. This guidance, through our programs and initiatives focus on positive youth development, teaching critical interpersonal skills, and promoting personal empowerment. As we all know, our personal stories are influenced by family, teachers, friends, and experiences in school and our community. GPS is proud of our success in including parents, peer leaders, school personnel and community members in important and meaningful roles in each of our programs.

Who gets involved in Guiding Personal Stories?

  • YAC (Youth Advisory Council) student leaders in five districts design and run peer mentorship programs
  • As part of TPP, local teen parents speak to 8th graders about their decisions and the lifelong impact of early parenthood
  • In Youth Led Prevention (YLP), community members from local organizations and businesses teach leadership skills and the value of service
  • YLP students act as camp counselors in Camp Burton Middle School Leadership Camp
  • Our local parents speak in classes, post stories, and do homework assignments with their children, acting as role models for healthy relationships.

GPS guides personal stories every day by promoting healthy lifestyles, giving youth the opportunity to solve problems that affect their lives, and by supporting our schools in developing a positive, friendly, supportive environment.